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Gray darkness chasing sidestepping shadows

Upward gaze to steal a ray

Wetness falling uncontrollably

Shuddering shaking

Howling deafness

Glancing downward toward a puddle


Steely cold penetrating the stillness

Tense hands grasping for peace

Glass beads tinkling

Nervously fumbling

Gazing toward the gray heavens

Clammy hands gripping tightly an invisible world


Fuchsia and lavender replacing disappearing stars

Tired eyes releasing their hold

Lightness rising softly

Soaring singing

Stumbling into confidence

Smiling eyes filling with hope


Love Stands

An aching heart, longing for Love

Swollen tears flood sorrowful eyes

Could not this cup of thirst pass by?

Shattered body of an unwavering Spirit

Giving up the last breath for mankind.

Wounded head, beatless heart

Fallen body, transfigured by hate.

But for a moment all seems lost

Love freely given, now takes on our pain.

Precious Lord, You removed our stains

Now dripping on your beaten brow

So much burden for the King of kings.

You burst forth, victorious over sin.

Only Love stands now, unblemished and pure.

Love enough for the whole world.

Watermelon, Watermelon

The desires of a child must crease Jesus’ cheeks. Their innocent intentions to love, the best they know, with unquenchable efforts, can bring any adult to her knees in humility. Straining to see the images in my book, I lowered it down to JR’s inquisitive eyes. My finger, like a conductor’s baton, moved rapidly across the page as the deacon recited the prayers for the Stations of the Cross. Kneel. In the silent pause between prayers, I watched JR intently scan the page, looking for the words he recognized. His 8-year-old lips barely moving, uttering whispers of sound as he pensively stared down the prayer book. How God must have stirred his little heart, seeing those images of Christ’s Passion, his only desire to be a part of it all. Enjoy this innocent time, young one, with your small cross. It only gets bigger as you do, beginning to be more fully immersed in the Passion of Christ. May your desire grow with it.

For Our Sake

Each sin pressed down, smothering. Drenched in hatred, spit, mud.

Alone, naked, forgotten. Abandoned to capture the world.

Eyes piercing straight through the darkness. Seeing only His God-given glory.

No adoration left, only silence. The curtain torn, victory won.