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Gray darkness chasing sidestepping shadows

Upward gaze to steal a ray

Wetness falling uncontrollably

Shuddering shaking

Howling deafness

Glancing downward toward a puddle


Steely cold penetrating the stillness

Tense hands grasping for peace

Glass beads tinkling

Nervously fumbling

Gazing toward the gray heavens

Clammy hands gripping tightly an invisible world


Fuchsia and lavender replacing disappearing stars

Tired eyes releasing their hold

Lightness rising softly

Soaring singing

Stumbling into confidence

Smiling eyes filling with hope


Trip Through Purgatory

Trip Through Purgatory – from my other blog, Less World More Christ.

For Our Sake

Each sin pressed down, smothering. Drenched in hatred, spit, mud.

Alone, naked, forgotten. Abandoned to capture the world.

Eyes piercing straight through the darkness. Seeing only His God-given glory.

No adoration left, only silence. The curtain torn, victory won.