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Close Encounter with Love

Baby’s shining smile

Delighting strangers’ faces

Memories refreshed


A Mother’s Love

What is it in a mother’s love that calms the inconsolable? A tender touch, sweet nothings whispered, silent smiles, nose in cheek nuzzles? The tears dry up, the boo-boo’s kissed, the nose is wiped, a heart is content. Perhaps it is that tired smile from nights of interrupted slumber, or the piercing eyes that see through the chocolate-smudged guilty fingers, or the hearty laugh that fills the house after the 17th knock-knock joke. Secure, sacred, with just the right shape for a three-year old to curl up into, she opens herself to life and God takes it from there.

Jesus Dancing

Two small heads bob to the music. Older brother creates a hip for his little sister to sit. They sway in time, heads tilted toward one another. So free to love, uninhibited by age or pretense. There sits Jesus, on that hip. There He stands, holding her tight and secure. Loving freely, intimately, tenderly – nothing held back – pure, unadulterated love. How He moves the young who are so close to Him, inspiring the older, more guarded and selfish. Thank You for reminding me of Your tenderness waiting for me to embrace.

Love Stands

An aching heart, longing for Love

Swollen tears flood sorrowful eyes

Could not this cup of thirst pass by?

Shattered body of an unwavering Spirit

Giving up the last breath for mankind.

Wounded head, beatless heart

Fallen body, transfigured by hate.

But for a moment all seems lost

Love freely given, now takes on our pain.

Precious Lord, You removed our stains

Now dripping on your beaten brow

So much burden for the King of kings.

You burst forth, victorious over sin.

Only Love stands now, unblemished and pure.

Love enough for the whole world.

Birth Days

It’s nearly birthday time. I’m always amazed at how focused kids are on birthdays. When one comes around, nothing else matters except their birthday. And I’m not talking about the birthday boy. No – the word ‘birthday’ has some mystic force that lightens their eyes and grabs their imaginations. ‘My birthday is in 1 week!’ ‘My birthday is in only 8 months!’ It’s so earth-shattering from their tiny perspective. As we get older, birthdays can become a drudgery, just a memory of the ‘good ‘ol times.’ Celebrating the 20th anniversary of a 29th birthday – wishing to be back in that simpler, more innocent, wrinkle-free time.

What is a birthday, anyway? We think of cake and gifts and parties. But the day of our birth was an intimate, sacrificial, painful event, one of the most emotional, unforgettable moments of our parents’ lives that we somehow don’t remember. A day of passing from the nacient world to this world, full of wonder and awe, things only dreamed of, so much hope and love and joy to explore and experience. I remember the birth days of all of my children very well, and I delight in their anticipation for the celebration. Their birthdays are celebrations of their very existence, found only in God’s creative miracle of Life. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of Life.


JD was a doggy today – M’s doggy. She led him all over the house, his tongue hanging out, an imaginary tail, almost real, wagging behind him. His imagination brings so many smiles to our house. Silly, extraordinary, all his own comedy. Most of the time his sole purpose is to delight himself, laughing out loud, head thrown back. He just loves life. Always an optimist. I suppose God places at least one in every family, to remind us what is good, to remind us to focus on the beautiful and simple things of life, like children’s laughter. He makes me smile almost every day, and I’m so grateful for my son the comedian.

Still in Awe

How did you make these angel faces, Lord? A pinch of starlight, kissed with morning dew? Sprinkled with rose petals and washed in aerated waterfalls? Only Your infinite hands could so delicately weave the rosy cheeks and laughter with the wide eyes and hope-filled expressions of these little darlings. So perfectly made, with their imperfections, as You saw fit in your all-knowing wisdom. You have transformed a soul with Your Love.