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When is a Baby no Longer a Baby?

I know when a baby is a baby – from the moment of conception. But just when does a baby lose its baby status? Is it when the sweet little giggle doesn’t come quite so easily? Or when the short, chubby legs take their first steps? Maybe it’s when you no longer need to kiss the boo-boos to make it all better. Or when tiny little teeth start to protrude.

Does a baby grow up when he’s able to smear pureed bananas on his face? Or when she knows how to chatter ‘mama’ and ‘dada’? Maybe a baby is no longer a baby when she can put her princess panties on all by herself. Or when he can brush his own teeth.

When the sippy cups lose their lids, and car seats become boosters, is that when a baby is no longer a baby? Does a baby grow up when he can read his first sentence, or when she can tie her own shoes?

“It goes by so fast.” “Treasure these times.” “They grow like weeds.” “He’s not a baby anymore.” “What a big girl!”

To a mother, a baby will always be their baby.


Close Encounter with Love

Baby’s shining smile

Delighting strangers’ faces

Memories refreshed