We went to the park today – tiny hand wrapped around my thumb, ten tennis shoes trotting on ahead. As soon as the playground was in sight, a blur of blue jeans disappeared over the hill. AC was in the stroller, her saucers of sky peaking out of pink and purple fleece. Later she tried out the swing and realized she preferred to be stationary, while Mommy swung sideways next to her, nibbling on her fingers. Nothing is as delicious as baby’s fingers. I suppose it is the personified love that can’t help but leak right out of a baby’s fingertips. I just want to eat all of that love right up. So innocent, carefree, unblemished, trusting. Nothing but pure love radiates right out of her mouth when she smiles. God knew what he was doing, showing us His love through babies, through Jesus too. Love personified, so innocent, unblemished, selfless enough to give up everything, even His very flesh, for us to eat up. I’m so thankful for the Body of Jesus, given to us each Mass, that I can receive Him and consume His Love, His Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity, each and every day.

“By shedding His true blood for us, and exhibiting to us His true flesh in the Eucharist, He conferred upon our flesh the capacity of salvation.” ~St. Irenaeus, 150 AD


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